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Welcome to MMB MassageWelcome to MMB MassageWelcome to MMB Massage

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Muscular Skeletal Corrective Therapy.

Hi, I’m Maurizio M Bottaro. 

At the age of 24 during an Aussie rules football game I damaged my right knee, cartilages and ligaments. After that first operation I started seeing therapists such as physiotherapists and chiropractors, as my scoliosis slowly increased due to the fact that the surgeon had only repaired the cartilage and not the ligament, also I believe because I wasn’t receiving enough muscular release. At the age of 28, when I came to Sydney in 1987 from Melbourne, I was lucky enough to be sent to an osteopath by the name of David Vivian Jones who, for the first time in many years, helped my body feel normal and started giving me an understanding of what the body goes through and why. He then sent me to have my knee repaired properly by Dr. Mervin Cross in 1992. My interests and need regarding rehabilitation and massage therapy grew, so I went to Nature Care College and completed a diploma of remedial massage with other electives being Swedish massage, Chinese massage, sports medicine and some lymphatic massage in 1993. In 1994 I started working for David Vivian Jones two days a week and continued assisting him in around 18,000 massages until 2001 . In those eight years my knowledge of the human body and my clinical experience became immense and in 2001 I opened my own clinic in Woollahra. After living in the Eastern suburbs for 27 years and massaging there for 21 years, I’ve moved both my home and clinic to the inner West of Leichhardt. With approximately another 5,000 massages I’ve performed over the years on top of the ones for the osteopath, I’m now more experienced than ever and I still enjoy helping to take pain away from people with my hands, assisting them to a level of homeostasis by using all the techniques I’ve learnt in Muscular Skeletal Corrective Therapy also in 2017-18 I completed another Diploma of Remedial Massage at Tafe Randwick


Muscular Skeletal corrective therapy





$ 70 an hour cash for all services and

 $ 80 with health fund rebates


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